Supervised Students

Below is a list of students or researchers under his supervision

  • List of PhD Students
    • 2017 - 2018, Diego S├ínchez-Moreno (Part-time PhD Student; University of Salamanca, Spain);
      Project: Music Recommender Systems
  • Graduate Students in the Joint Program with Universities in Spain (with M.S. thesis)
    • Maria Delgado Franco, Beatriz Blanco, Project: Grey Sheep Users In RecSys
    • Arturo Pavon Estrade, Project: Personality-Aware Recommendations
    • Juan Ruiz Toribio, Project: Transparency and Fairness
    • Alejandro Susillo Ridao, Project: AI for Educations
    • Raquel Noblejas Sampedro, Project: Mobile Security
    • Jorge Torres, Project: Group RecSys
    • Gonzalo Florez Arias; Project: Recommender Systems based on Deep Learning

Call for PhD Students (Estimated openning in Fall, 2024)
I am actively looking for self-motivated PhD students to conduct research in the area of data science, AI, social media, and recommender systems. Interested students please feel free to drop me an email with your CV and transcript (and I can not reply to every individual email). For more information about the PhD application and admissions, please refer to the department website.

What you are expected:
  • With solid math and programming skills
  • With experience of research on data science, AI, recommender systems
  • Preferred if you have publications in relevant research areas
  • Being self-motivated with high levels of self-regulation